Berlin Process

In Berlin the selected area is Mehringplatz – Südliche Friedrichstadt, with a specific focus on socio-economical empowerment of the multicultural local community. This former public housing settlement built in the 1960s at the former edges of West Berlin is today subject to a process of re-centralisation that involves regeneration plans, new urban developments and injection of creative industries. The training project is aimed at developing a situated learning process able to improve the capacity of the citizens to acknowledge the ongoing transformations both in their risk and opportunities, to identify local resources, share knowledge and develop common initiatives and entrepreneurship.

Local partner:

Supermarkt GbR


September 2016- September 2017

StoryLab #4 – Urban Sketches
StoryLab #4 – Urban Sketches 20 May, 2017 lorenzo

How do we communicate local narratives in accessible formats and languages? A digital storytelling workshop dedicated to the production of personal [...]

Strategies for Change – report
Strategies for Change – report 6 May, 2017 lorenzo

Recording of the public conversation with Kathrin Wildner, Christian Hanussek and Erwin Riedmann of metroZones held on March 23rd at Supermarkt.

Collecting Layers – Mapping Lab report
Collecting Layers – Mapping Lab report 18 April, 2017 lorenzo

On March 24th the third Mehringplatz MapLab has taken place at the Kiezstube. The neighbourhood mapping exercise has been coordinated by the social [...]

StoryLab #3: Collecting Stories
StoryLab #3: Collecting Stories 12 April, 2017 lorenzo

How do we capture different voices of a community in a shared narrative framework? On Saturday April 22 at 2pm the next StoryLab “Collecting [...]

Aperitif 12 April, 2017 lorenzo

Dear friends of Switch On Mehringplatz, we invite you to join us on Thursday April 20 at 7pm in the Kiezstube to share a drink, a chat and some ideas [...]

MapLab #3 – Connecting Layers
MapLab #3 – Connecting Layers 15 March, 2017 lorenzo

Friday March 24 at 2 pm will take place the MapLab #3 “Connecting Layers” (postponed from March 3): We invited the social designers Jan [...]

Strategies for Change
Strategies for Change 15 March, 2017 lorenzo

How can we employ artistic practice to foster urban transformation and social empowerment? What languages can be used to involve marginalised social [...]

Prinzessinnengarten – meeting Marco Clausen and Andreas Unteidig
Prinzessinnengarten – meeting Marco Clausen and Andreas Unteidig 24 February, 2017 lorenzo

On Wednesday February 15 the third public conversation of the Switch On Mehringplatz program took place. The theme in discussion [...]

ACTIVATING LOCAL KNOWLEDGE 1 February, 2017 lorenzo

The third public conversation of the Switch On Mehrinplatz program involves the activists of Prinzessinenngarten and the Nachbarschaftsakademie, [...]

January – New mapping and storytelling labs
January – New mapping and storytelling labs 5 January, 2017 lorenzo

The activities of Switch On Mehringplatz – Berlin restart in 2017 with the a new round of laboratories about mapping and storytelling. MapLab [...]